Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in the all new FootSteps!  We hope you find these Questions and Answers useful.  Please check back often, as the information on this page will change as we gather more feedback.

  • Can I still use the Classic version of FootSteps?
    • Yes. If that version is turned on for your account, you can click on the tab in the top right corner of the page, which says "Classic View."  This will change you to the Classic version of FootSteps. 
  • Why does this page look a little different on different computers?
    • Certain elements of the program will appear slightly different depending on the browser you are using.  The Footsteps 3 user interface has been coded using modern browser standards, while still being backwards compatible.  However, certain browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari allow for more "polish".
  • Who can I contact if I have comments or suggestions?
    • Click here and fill out the form.  This will go directly to the Footsteps Product Manager, who oversees enhancement requests and prioritizations.
  • I am supposed to have access, but my password isn't working
    • Please note that the Footsteps 3 login is case sensitive.  Once an organization has access to Footsteps 3, it is up to Enterprise Managers at Parent levels to grant access to individual users.
  • What browsers are supported?
    • The current version of Footsteps 3 Beta has been tested in production versions of IE11, IE10, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.